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Sep 16

New Rybo owned by my father in law…

New Rybo owned by my father in law…

Sep 08

Risk Revisited - Howard Marks -

Another great one by the Oaktree founder.  Some great quotes in this one…

"Thinking risk control is easy is perhaps the greatest trap in investing, since excessive confidence that they have risk under control can make investors do very risky things…thus the key prerequisites for risk control also include humility, lack of hubris, and knowing what you don’t know."

"Whereas risk control is indispensable, risk avoidance isn’t an appropriate goal.  The reason is simple: risk avoidance usually goes hand-in-hand with return avoidance.  While you shouldn’t expect to make money just for bearing risk, you also shouldn’t expect to make money without bearing risk."

"The probability of loss is no more measurable than the probability of rain.  It can be modeled, and it can be estimated (by experts pretty well), but it cannot be known."

"Investment performance is a lot like choosing a lottery winner by pulling one ticket from a bowl…Superior investors have a better sense for the tickets in the bowl, and thus whether it’s worth buying a ticket in a lottery."

Aug 06


Aug 05

Not an easy game…

Not an easy game…


Jul 28


Jul 21

Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite -

About 50% of what we do focuses on the marketer and marketing IT.  We have been writing a lot about this over the past few months and condensed everything into an easy to read primer on what has been going on over the past 3-5 years in this space.

Jun 23

Street Art Project, by Google Cultural Institute -

Jun 17


May 08

Defending the Open Internet -


Over the past few weeks, the future of the open internet has come into sharp focus, as the FCC’s 2010 open internet rules were struck down in court, and then plans for new rules from the FCC came into public view. Amidst fears that the internet is f**ked, debate has raged about what…